• Increased equipment reliability and performance – Typically, for every dollar spent with General Chemical Industrial Solutions, the customer saves $2 to $3, or much more. 
  • Improved Productivity – We make sure your equipment is running at its optimal capacity, allowing you to begin saving immediately.
  • Reduced Manpower & Maintenance Costs – With General Chemical, maintenance costs can decline through improved lubrication practices and fewer man hours.
  • Waste & Inventory Minimization – General Chemical eliminates the need for multiple distributors and products, minimizing needless steps. Plus our Technical services eliminate headaches and spent dollars.
  • One-Stop Convenience – With all aspects of the program under one roof, General Chemical can oversee products, equipment, and manpower and program management all at once.


General Chemical’s Industrial Solutions has begun a new era in worldwide supply capabilities for solutions for manufacturers. We’ve proven we’re more than just another company. Our experience combined with our expertise can help you get the most out of your chemical dollar. General Chemical Industrial Solutions is designed specifically as a cost-cutting device. Our goal is to take your business to the next level and customize a plan to save you time, manpower and, most importantly, money.

Products Plus Services

As one of the most experienced chemical companies in our fields in the world, we know that, historically, chemical companies’ services have been reserved for supplying only existing products for your application. Plus their results have been poorly documented and inconsistently applied, resulting in savings that aren’t clearly defined or substantiated. But General Chemical Industrial Solutions is different. We cover the entire gamut of services, we survey your need, and we research and provide solution for you specific manufacturing process.